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The Caspian is an ancient breed of small horse, rediscovered in 1965 in the isolated mountains of northern Iran, south of the Caspian Sea. It predates all others, and may be as old as 5,000 years. Long thought to be extinct, it is the only living representative of Horse Type 4.

There are many ways of proving the purity of the Caspians we have today. There are pronounced physical qualities, including unique structure of the skull, scapula, forearms and teeth, as well as specific markers in their DNA . There is often a striking metallic sheen to the summer coat.

Although very small, the Caspian is not related to pony breeds. The proportions and general impression are those of a well-bred, elegant horse in miniature. Standing from ten to thirteen hands high, Caspians have been known to match strides with a regular sized riding horse at every gait except the gallop.

Caspians are renowned for their courage, intelligence, trainability, incredible jumping ability and athleticism. They excel at driving, and are perfect childrens’ mounts for pony club and jumping.

Caspians should be considered for talented, ambitious children, and are also ideal for older people seeking a safe, small driving horse. Many miniature horse breeders have found Caspians to be the next logical step.